DA requests full report on Deputy President Mabuza’s whereabouts

Issued by Solly Malatsi MP – DA Shadow Minister for the Presidency
28 Jul 2021 in News

Please find attached soundbite by Solly Malatsi MP.

The DA will write to the Office of the Deputy Speaker, Lechesa Tsenoli, as it has been a month since the country has seen or heard from Deputy President David Mabuza. He has reportedly been in Russia since the end of June after he requested “a few days leave” for medical treatment.

We will request that Deputy Speaker Tsenoli seek a full report of the Deputy President’s whereabouts; the cost of his extended stay in Russia; whether the taxpayer is footing the bill; when he plans to return to South Africa; and who is filling his shoes in his capacity as Deputy President, the head of government business, chairperson of the special cabinet committee on Eskom and the chair of the inter-ministerial committee on vaccines.

This report must be tabled and presented to Parliament as a matter of urgency, with an opportunity for members of Parliament to ask questions thereon.

While the Deputy President is entitled to his privacy regarding his medical condition, it is in the public interest to establish the impact of his continued absence from his official duties.

It is very suspicious that the Deputy President has been in Russia for a month for medical treatment, yet there has been no update on his health or his expected return. This while he heads two crucial committees on Eskom and the vaccine programme as well as government business.

Just a few weeks ago the country suffered through another round of Eskom blackouts, and it is vital that nothing derails our Covid-19 vaccine rollout. But the man in charge of it all is missing in action with no word on who is fulfilling his duties or footing the bill for his extended sojourn in Russia.

Had David Mabuza not been so scarce since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, South Africa might have only wished him a speedy recovery, but wide-spread ANC corruption has taught us that even the most innocent seeming doctor’s visit needs to be scrutinized.