DA WC urges residents to reject launch of Operation Dudula in Cape Town

Issued by Ricardo Mackenzie MPP – DA Western Cape Acting Spokesperson on Community Safety
13 May 2022 in News

English and Afrikaans audio clips attached            

The DA in the Western Cape rejects the planned launch of Operation Dudula in Cape Town this weekend. Whilst everyone is indeed entitled to the right of peaceful assembly, this organisation forms part of the concerning trend of xenophobia and Afrophobia that is spreading across South Africa.

We call on all residents of the Western Cape to stand against the hatred, intolerance and vigilantism that xenophobic organisations and politicians use for cheap politicking and short-term gain.

Our country is faced with immense turmoil: unemployment is on the rise, corruption is rife, law enforcement is mismanaged and basic service delivery is in tatters due to the inability of the National Government to fulfil its mandates.

The blame for these challenges should not be placed on the shoulders of immigrants who come to the Western Cape to seek a better life for themselves. Foreign nationals are not the problem, the ANC is. To use immigrants as scapegoats set a dangerous precedent and will lead us down a reckless path as seen in many other countries throughout history.

We need to unite as a nation and hold the inept ANC to account for their failures in government as well as their inefficiencies and corruption within Home Affairs which contributed to the mistrust in foreign nationals, even those who have entered South Africa legally and are making valuable contributions to our society.

Our Constitution is the bedrock of our country and provides us with the foundations to realise an open opportunity society for all. Within it, the Bill of Rights grants every individual equal and inalienable rights before the law no matter their race, religion, culture, wealth or origin. It is this document that is the culmination of all the sacrifices and hardships that many had to endure in order for us to live in a democracy today.