ActionSA plans for cadre deployment and collaboration with EFF collapses KwaDukuza coalition talks

Issued by Dean McPherson, MP – DA KZN Chairperson
25 Jul 2022 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) is disappointed that weeks of progress in coalition negotiations to take over the KwaDukuza municipality have collapsed due to several fundamentally untenable and potentially illegal demands made by ActionSA.  Their demands were, in fact, so problematic that the coalition government would not have been a real alternative to the ANC, because practices like cadre deployment and interference in budget processes would have continued unabated.

The DA, with several other parties, have dedicated many hours over the past three weeks to talks on the formation of a new coalition government in the KwaDukuza municipality. Throughout these engagements, the DA always acted in good faith with other parties.

During today’s discussions on the draft coalition agreement, however, ActionSA insisted on the inclusion of a clause that would compel selection panels to report to an unelected political party committee. This proposal mirrors the ANC cadre deployment policy that was recently described as unconstitutional and illegal by the Zondo Commission, and which the DA is seeking to abolish through a court application.

In a move similarly designed to violate the separation between party and state, ActionSA also tried to create a political budget steering committee designed to politically manipulate the budget-making process in KwaDukuza. There is no provision in law for unelected politicians to interfere in a legally-defined budget process, and the DA therefore also rejected this outrageous attempt by ActionSA to execute state capture in KwaDukuza Municipality.

In addition to proposing cadre deployment and budget interference, it also became apparent that ActionSA remains determined to collaborate with their partners in the EFF. The DA has consistently made it clear that we will not negotiate agreements with the EFF, and that is a principle we will not violate for the sake of political expediency.

It has now become patently obvious that ActionSA does not have the stability of KwaDukuza at heart.

Firstly, they prematurely tabled a motion of no confidence in the current ANC Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Speaker, without first finalising a coalition agreement that includes individuals identified as the new Mayor, Deputy Mayor, and Speaker. And then they made outrageous demands to collaborate with the EFF and implement cadre deployment that they knew the DA would never accede to.

The DA will not be bullied by anyone into sacrificing the people of KwaDukuza to the EFF at the altar of political expediency. Blindly adopting a motion of no confidence in the absence of any alternative coalition agreement would plunge the people of KwaDukuza into chaos. With no government in place, the ANC provincial government will have the perfect excuse to place KwaDukuza under administration. As we have previously seen in Tshwane, where the ANC ate R4.5 billion in a period of only seven months while the municipality was under provincial administration, ASA’s plan will be an unmitigated disaster for KwaDukuza.

While others abuse coalition talks for political posturing or to emulate destructive ANC policies, the DA remains deeply committed to concluding a solid coalition agreement capable of both removing the ANC from government and ensuring that we truly turn KwaDukuza around. We thank the other parties that have negotiated with us in good faith and remain ready and willing to return to the negotiating table if ActionSA decides to put the people of KwaDukuza ahead of cadre deployment and their love for the EFF.