Lack of police intelligence creates opportunities for Zama Zamas

Issued by Okkie Terblanche MP – DA Shadow Deputy Minister of Police
05 Aug 2022 in News

Please find attached soundbite by Okkie Terblanche MP.

The DA calls on the national commissioner of the South African Police Service (SAPS) General Fannie Masemola to appoint a national head of crime intelligence as a matter of urgency.

Despite SAPS’ recent operations on illegal mining enterprises, following the horrific rapes of eight women in Krugersdorp, a connection between the so-called Zama Zamas that were arrested and the crime have yet to be proven.

While the DA welcomes the action by SAPS, belated as it might be, this tragedy could possibly have been avoided had the police and government made any real effort to address the illegal mining activities prevalent all over South Africa. Reactive policing when there is public outcry following atrocious villainy will not put a dent in South Africa’s sky-high crime statistics.

SAPS’ lack of proper intelligence and glaring lack of proactive policing have put all communities, not only those where the Zama Zamas operate, in increasing danger. Criminals have become more brazen in breaking the law. They simply do not fear the police as the chances of them facing the consequences of their actions are infinitesimally small.

It is time Gen Masemola addressed this gaping hole in SAPS’ crime intelligence. Without fully functioning intelligence services, the police will continue to fight a losing battle to the detriment of everyone living in South Africa.