DA condemns SA Tourism witch hunt in the strongest terms

Issued by Manny de Freitas MP – DA Shadow Minister of Tourism
08 Feb 2023 in News

SA Tourism’s announcement today that it has ordered a forensic investigation into “the leaking of the SA Tourism (SAT) Board discussion” – therefore into the whistleblower – is a travesty.

The only “forensic investigation” that should be done here is into the deal itself and who would have benefited from it.

The DA condemns this in the strongest terms – especially given the plight of whistleblowers in South Africa and their role in opening the lid on corruption. There is an unethical culture of whistleblowers being ostracised and what SAT is doing is dangerous.

It is completely misplaced for them to go after the whistleblower. It strengthens the notion that had this information not been leaked they would have gone forward with the deal and in all probability it would have been announced at SONA tomorrow.

The DA will pursue this matter until all the details of this ridiculous plan is laid bare and those responsible are held to account. We are also looking at developing legislation that would protect whistleblowers as per recommendations from the Zondo Commission.