Netball SA – leadership within SASCOC lacks

02 Jul 2023 in News

Please find attached soundbites in English and Afrikaans by Veronica van Dyk MP.

A lack of response from SASCOC on burning issues, contribute to the dysfunction within sporting bodies, as is evidenced by its failure to address the issues within Netball SA.

The DA welcomes the feedback from the Department of Sports, Arts and Culture that they will bring the transgression in Netball SA to the attention of Minister Zizi Kodwa, after the party’s request for an urgent investigation into Netball SA matters.

We will request that the matter be put on the parliamentary portfolio committee on sport, arts and culture’s agenda as soon as possible after the end of the Parliamentary recess period to afford the Department an opportunity to provide feedback on its progress.

We not only hope for the Minister to prioritize Netball SA’s intervention as soon as possible, but for SASCOC to act in accordance with its constitution and mandate. We also remind the President of SASCOC, Barry Hendricks, of his undertaking to the portfolio committee at its last meeting (16 May 2023), that SASCOC would respond to outstanding questions within 10 days.

The DA not only expressed deep concern over the troubling revelations brought to light in a documentary released by Afriforum two weeks ago, which sheds light on critical issues within Netball SA and its president, Cecilia Molekwane, but we further take note of a letter addressed to SASCOC by the civils right movement urging SASCOC to investigate the public allegations against Netball SA. The DA supports Afriforum in holding SASCOC to account.

The DA has consistently reported the concerns regarding Netball SA’s and its president to the portfolio committee of sport, arts, and culture and SASCOC, highlighting that pressing matters in sports, such as sexual abuse, financial mismanagement, administrative dysfunction, and the abuse of power plaguing Netball SA under Cecilia Molekwane’s leadership needs to be urgently addressed, but these bodies at large, are failing sport federations and athletes.

SASCOC needs to step up and take responsibility to ensure proper governance of all federations, including Netball SA, and act against discrimination and violence in sport, encouraging the development of sport for all.

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