PA hypocrisy exposed

Issued by Councillor Hullet Hild – DA Caucus Leader Rand West City Local Municipality
21 Aug 2023 in News

The Patriotic Alliance in the West Rand, plans to hold a protest meeting against itself in Toekomsrus  tomorrow night.

In a Facebook post, Gayton McKenzie the PA leader has accused the ANC/PA coalition in Rand West municipality of racism for allegedly allocating more houses to black recipient than to coloured recipients.  He threatened to lead a protest meeting in Toekomsrus to protest against this.

What he did not disclose, is that the Human Settlement Portfolio in the Rand West local municipality is headed by Patriotic Alliance Councillor, which means the PA must take responsibility for the mess that McKenzie is complaining about.

He tries to hide this fact by blaming someone else, but the finger is pointing directly back to himself, in partnership with the ANC.

We demand that the PA MMC for Human Settlement, Amelia Zama, must resign and take full responsibility for the unfair allocation of housing that her leader is complaining about on Facebook.

We will ensure that the people know the truth:  that it is the PA keeps the ANC in power and they are together implementing the ANC’s racist policies.