Gungubele again chooses race-based policy over affordable data

Issued by Natasha Mazzone MP – DA Shadow Minister of Communications and Digital Technologies
24 Sep 2023 in News

Mondli Gungubele, Minister of Communications,’s insistence on B-BBEE requirements for foreign companies shows the ANC government’s obsession with race-based policies despite its detriment to the economy.

In response to questions by the DA this week, on why government insist on a 30% B-BBEE requirement for a licence to provide internet services in South Africa, Minister Gungubele not only defended this policy but also resorted to personal attacks on the DA.

The Minister’s remarks reflect an unwarranted obsession with race-based policies, which undermines the broader goal of economic growth and development. While neighboring African countries such as Algeria, Ghana, Nigeria, Mauritania, Mozambique, and Rwanda have wisely sought partnerships like Starlink to enhance internet connectivity and promote economic progress, it’s disheartening to witness the ANC’s continued focus on divisive measures that hinder our nation’s true potential.

Given SA’s high data costs and costs of living crisis, the inclusion of Starlink, would decrease the price of data significantly making it more affordable for low-income households. Furthermore, since Starlink is satellite-based, it does not rely on cell towers and hence, will not experience outages from load-shedding.

The DA calls on the Minister to prioritise the plight of the poor and not continue to restrict access to a service which has become a critical utility to all South Africans.