IEC Registration delays could undermine the rights of South African’s abroad

Issued by Ludre Stevens – DA Abroad Chairperson
29 Oct 2023 in News

The Electoral Commission of South Africa (IEC) may undermine the rights of South Africans abroad as the single in-person registration weekend, initially proposed for November 2023, has been delayed to an undetermined date – reportedly only after the second registration weekend in South Africa has taken place.

In addition to this, the highly anticipated launch of online registration for South Africans abroad has been delayed three times from an initial launch date of 6th October, with no new date confirmed.

With more than 2 million South Africans either living, working, studying, or traveling abroad, the IEC has an obligation to provide these citizens with their constitutional right to register and to vote. Registration is currently limited to embassies, high commissions and consulates, leaving many citizens abroad facing logistical and geographic challenges to access these facilities.

The only solution to ensuring they have the opportunity to vote in 2024 would be online registration, and an increased number of voting stations to accommodate countries with high numbers of citizens.

The DA Abroad will immediately request an updated launch date for online registration for citizens living abroad as any further or extended delays to the launch of this system are unacceptable.

The IEC must also provide a proper plan for in-person registration that provides South Africans abroad with enough time to reach their nearest registration point.

The IEC launched Election 2024 to great fanfare in South Africa this week, but what is needed are concrete deliverables to ensure that all citizens will receive a functioning and fair electoral system.

The DA Abroad will continue to work through our officials in South Africa and our network abroad to safeguard election 2024 for all.

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