Just 7% now separates DA and ANC nationally as voter registration kicks off

Issued by Greg Krumbock MP – DA Election 2024 Campaign Manager
18 Nov 2023 in News

In a significant development, the DA proudly announces that the gap between our party and the ANC has narrowed to unprecedented levels.

Many external polls have shown the gap closing over the last few months and our own internal polling completed yesterday confirms that the DA is now the nearest that we have ever been to parity with the ANC.

The DA is now just 7 points behind the ANC, with the DA securing 32% and the ANC at 39% support from all registered voters. Yet again the ANC has fallen below 40%, confirming external polls.

External polls have predicted this for many weeks and now the DA’s internal poll confirms its correctness.

The 2024 elections stand as a last chance to rescue South Africa from the encroaching decay and decline. Unlike 1994, when we voted for freedom, this time, we are casting our votes to Rescue South Africa from the pressing issues of crime, corruption, and unemployment.

The power to effect this change lies in the hands of every eligible DA voter. To close the gap further and deny the ANC an outright majority, it is imperative that each voter registers and participates in the electoral process.

South Africa is at a pivotal moment in its history, and the DA is prepared to form the core of a new majority. Our growth is a testament to our party’s policies, plans, and proven track record.

The DA is the only party equipped to rescue the country, demonstrating progress in ending load-shedding, creating jobs, reducing crime, and delivering essential services wherever we govern.

With approximately 14 million unregistered voters, the future of South Africa rests on each citizen taking a stand and registering to vote. The upcoming 2024 Election is pivotal, and new regulations dictate that citizens can only vote where they are registered. We urge every citizen to ensure their correct registration to exercise their right to vote.

Today and tomorrow, every voting station across South Africa will open for voter registration. We call upon all DA supporters and those committed to rescuing South Africa to seize this opportunity, go out this weekend, and register to vote.