Voter registration rally KZN: Be counted as a hero for your country

Issued by Nicholas Nyati – DA Youth Interim Federal Leader
04 Nov 2023 in News

Note to editors: The following speech was delivered by Nicholas Nyathi at the Voter Registration Rally in KZN  today. Photos here, here and here

South Africa,

The time to step up and be counted as a hero for your country has arrived!

Election 2024 is literally around the corner.

It all starts here, today with me and you, with our Leadership, but with you as the leaders of the Rescue Ship!

It starts today with the old and the young, no matter who you are, who you love, who you worship.

Because today the rescue mission dictates that our country needs us ALL to step up and unite, to ensure that the failing ANC government steps out.

History teaches us that all generations have situations that define them.

The generation of Helen Suzman had a generational mission to win the fight for liberal democracy in a difficult time in parliament. That defined the future of our country.

The generations to follow took our party from a small voice of defiance and principle to a mighty movement, that now challenges for national government.

We stand on the shoulders of leaders like Tony Leon, Joe Seremane, and Helen Zille.

Now, our generation has the national duty to go further – together we must take the DA to the union buildings, and usher in a government that will rescue South Africa.

Our generational mission calls our names!

It calls your name. For the sake of our nation.

62 Million South Africans are counting on us,

62 Million dreams,

62 Million hearts depend on our generation for a better future.

I was watching the rugby World Cup final last weekend in a place of young people.

I met a Zimbabwean guy by the name of Tafadzwa

The room was listening to Siya’s interview and Siya was speaking about how they are playing for all South Africans, because they want to inspire hope.

After the interview I started chatting to Tafadzwa and I was outlining all the problems that we face as a country





Tafadzwa responded and said ‘Nicholas you are missing one important point you guys have an opportunity. Take it before it’s too late.

That’s all that matters, We have an opportunity!

For the first time in a very long time the ANC has been consistently polling below 50%

This is the opportunity for us.

For the first time in South Africa political parties are coming together in the multi-party charter under leadership of John Steenhuisen.

This is the opportunity for us.

For the first time in our history we see a working relationship between the IFP and DA here in KZN

This is the opportunity for us.

Now, democrats and South Africans – we must TAKE these opportunities

And these opportunities are only available to REGISTERED VOTERS

We are here today to ROCK the nation by showing everyone the power of being registered to vote.

We have always said: Power to the registered

Now it is time to say: If you don’t register, you lose your power.

If you care about the rising cost of living but you are not registered to vote, you can’t rescue South Africa!

If you care about the high crime rate but are not registered to vote, you can’t rescue South Africa.

If you care about ending loadshedding but you are not registered to vote, you can’t rescue South Africa.

The power lies with those who are registered to vote.

Power to the registered!

Power to the registered!

Remember, in 2021 we won uMngeni by just 42 VOTES!

If 42 people did not register, and if 42 people did not vote the story would be so different.

For the first time in rural KZN midlands, we managed to win uMngeni, under Mayor Chris Pappas because uMngeni REGISTERED TO VOTE.

Now Chris Pappas defies the stereotypes. He has proved that it is not your color, or your sexuality or your age that defines you but your love for your country and dedication to the people.

And he can do this because they registered, and they VOTED

Our generation is going to TURN UP and Rock the nation

In 2024 bazobona amanyala enyoka.

If you register to vote DA, we can win Gauteng!

If you register to vote DA, the DA is going to shock people in the Eastern Cape

If you register to vote DA, the DA is going to kick out the looters in the Free State

If you register to vote DA, the biggest hole in Kimberly will be in the ANC vote.

If you register to vote DA, Premier Alan Winde will keep working for the Western Cape

If you register to vote DA, Chris Pappas is going to be Premier in KZN, uzongena nge Bheshu in the legislature.

And South Africa, If you register to vote DA, a hard-working, smart, caring, loving, kind and generous man is on his way to Union Buildings – because if you register to vote DA, John Steenhuisen is going to rock the nation as our next PRESIDENT!

Be part of the mission to rescue South Africa, get help registering to vote at