Response to unfounded allegations against the DA Leader

Issued by Werner Horn MP – DA National Spokesperson
05 Dec 2023 in News

I would like to address recent statements made by Ms Mbali Ntuli, a former member of the Democratic Alliance (DA), regarding alleged misconduct during the 2020 leadership campaign. It is essential to set the record straight and provide accurate information to the public.

The DA takes all complaints of possible misconduct seriously and handles them in accordance with our Federal Constitution. In the case of Mr Tsepo Mhlongo, he was given a fair opportunity to address the serious allegations against him during a formal hearing, where he was found guilty of misconduct based on dishonesty in the performance of his duties. It is important to note that ongoing disciplinary processes involving other members do not imply preferential treatment; each case is thoroughly investigated, and due process is followed.

Ms Ntuli, who has not been a member of the DA for the past 20 months, continues to comment on the party’s affairs. This seems to reflect more on her unresolved sentiments regarding her unsuccessful bid for the Federal Leader position than on the internal processes of the Party or the conduct of Federal Leader John Steenhuisen.

While the DA and Mr Steenhuisen acknowledge the scrutiny that comes with leadership roles, the recent unsubstantiated allegations made by Ms Ntuli are false, defamatory, and will lead to legal consequences. The DA condemns baseless accusations and will take action against those who spread false information for personal gain.

In response to these defamatory statements from individuals like Ms Ntuli and Mr Mhlongo, legal action will be pursued. It is time to hold accountable those who spread fake news and make wild claims without evidence. The DA will not stand idly by while its leaders are unjustly slandered by individuals driven by personal resentment rather than factual evidence.

We remain committed to transparency, accountability, and the principles that guide our party. The DA will continue to focus on serving the interests of the South African people and promoting a fair and just political landscape.