The DA rejects Netanyahu’s recent statements

Issued by Emma Louise Powell MP – DA Shadow Minister of International Relations and Cooperation
19 Jan 2024 in News

The Democratic Alliance (DA) rejects the Israeli Prime Minister, Benjamin Netanyahu’s comments opposing the establishment of a Palestinian state as part a post-war scenario.

During a live address yesterday, Netanyahu claimed that Israel must have “security control” over all territory west of the Jordan river, acknowledging that this “collides with the idea of sovereignty.”

Throughout this tragic war, the DA has remained steadfast in our commitment to a two-state solution that results in the creation of a sovereign and unoccupied Palestine co-existing in peace next to a secure Israel.

A two-state solution is the only way to bring lasting peace to the region – a view shared by the vast majority of the free world.

In the interests of peace for Palestinians, Israelis and the world, the DA calls on Netanyahu to re-commit to the two-state solution as outlined in resolutions 242 and 338 of the United Nations Security Council.

The DA has warned from the start of this conflict that, for peace to be possible, rationality must triumph over radicalism.

The only rational path to peace is to recognise the inherent right of both Palestinians and Israeli’s to statehood, sovereignty and security. Instead of undermining the path towards a two-state solution, now is the time reaffirm it.

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