DA to lodge appeal to declare cadre deployment unconstitutional

Issued by Dr Leon Schreiber MP – DA Shadow Minister of Public Service and Administration
21 Feb 2024 in News

The DA notes today’s judgement by the Gauteng High Court in the DA’s case against cadre deployment. The DA has already instructed our legal team to appeal this ruling as a matter of urgency.

The ANC’s deployment committee interfered in appointments across the state, and even extended its tentacles in the judiciary. There can be no more urgent constitutional matter than challenging a governing party that, by its own admission, has obliterated the distinction between party and state, in order to capture institutions for its own advantage.

All this has been underscored by the ANC’s own records recently obtained by the DA following an order of the Constitutional Court. The minutes reveal that the ANC unlawfully interfered with appointments across the state, reaching all the way to the highest court in the land.

The DA will take on this battle until we establish the principle of an independent professional state that serves all the people, not merely the ruling party.

There is, of course, a silver bullet to end cadre deployment without the need for lengthy court process. That way is to vote for the DA.

This past weekend, we announced at our manifesto launch that the abolition of cadre deployment corruption will be an apex priority for the DA in government.

Any South African who wants to abolish corruption and restore service delivery without waiting for lengthy court processes should vote for the DA. Following today’s ruling, the election on 29 May has become a referendum on cadre deployment. To rescue the South African state by abolishing cadre deployment, vote DA.