For the first time ever, the DA outperforms the ANC in new registrations

03 Feb 2024 in News

In an important milestone, the Democratic Alliance (DA) proudly announces that, for the first time, we have outperformed the ANC in new voter registrations and re-registrations. The most recent registration data highlights the DA’s success in securing the largest share of new and re-registrations. However, this achievement should not breed complacency.

Between 23 November last year and 5 January, the IEC recorded 162 598 new and re-registrations. 59 689 of these were for the DA, or nearly 37%. Only 33.8% were for the ANC. This success shows what is possible this weekend and on election day.

There is a real opportunity to bring about change in our country. In the last 43 days, we have consistently outperformed the ANC in registrations.

Millions of South Africans may be unaware that a new law has changed voter registration rules for the upcoming election. For the first time, voters must cast their ballots at the exact voting station where they are registered. This means there is no option to vote at a different station on Election Day.

Due to this new law, spending Election Day at a friend’s or family’s place and voting at the nearest station is no longer possible. There will be no provision on Election Day to vote at an alternative station, with no forms to fill out and no exceptions allowed.

Given the significance of this change, every eligible voter must ensure correct registration. To facilitate this, all voting stations will be open this weekend, offering a final opportunity for in-person registration. Once these stations close on Sunday, there will be no further chance for in-person voter registration for this election.

In recognising the Power of One, we emphasise that the upcoming election is a pivotal moment for our nation. While millions have pledged to vote DA, the reality is that the outcome can hinge on just one vote. The Power of One voter, who chooses not to register this weekend, could be the decisive factor.

We urge every South African who loves this country to embrace the Power of One positively. Be the one who registers, votes, and contributes to shaping the future of South Africa. Don’t be the one who could potentially impact the outcome negatively.

Every registered voter has the potential to rescue South Africa, and we call on all citizens, regardless of political affiliation, to participate in this democratic process. Be the one who makes a difference for our nation’s future.

We are currently facing various challenges with the Independent Electoral Commission’s (IEC) online voter registration portal. The DA is in direct contact with the IEC and actively working with them to resolve these issues. A specific concern arises during the step in the online process where voters need to enter their One Time Pin (OTP).

Given these challenges, we strongly encourage all voters to visit their nearest voting stations for in-person registration. The IEC has commendably ensured the timely opening of voting stations, with Voting Management Devices ready and online.