NCOP must use its legislative authority to reject flawed BELA Bill

Issued by Baxolile 'Bax' Nodada MP – DA Shadow Minister of Basic Education
02 Feb 2024 in News

Yesterday, public submissions for the Basic Education Laws Amendment (BELA) Bill closed, and the Bill is now before the National Council of Provinces (NCOP) for concurrence. The DA has been unequivocal in our rejection of the Bill, which notably seeks to disempower school governing bodies (SGBs) from determining admission and language policies and places final authority in the hands of the Heads of Provincial Departments, making them both players and referees who could abuse this power to further destroy quality education.

The Bill also seeks to regulate homeschooling, despite failing to properly engage with the sector and mandate Grade R. While the DA supports the intention of compulsory Grade R, the Department of Basic Education does not have the R12 billion necessary to implement this clause.

The BELA Bill also fails to regulate blended and online learning.

The DA urges the NCOP to use its legislative authority to reject the Bill and have it reconsidered by the National Assembly.

While the ANC is hellbent on ramming the Bill through, the DA will be ready for court action. It is clear that the ANC government is not interested in substantive education reform and would rather present the electorate with bad legislation than improve the country’s quality of education.

South Africans must raise their voices against this regressive legislation.

This weekend is the last opportunity to register to vote to rescue South Africa. Only by standing with the DA can South Africans ensure that every child receives a quality education and can achieve their full potential.