KZN votes for the DA can be the final blow that breaks the ANC’s chokehold on South Africa

Issued by DA Media –
16 Mar 2024 in News

Note to Editors: Please see below the speech delivered by DA Chief Whip, Siviwe Gwarube at the official launch of the DA KZN Provincial Manifesto.

Please find attached pictures (here, here, here and here) from today’s DA KZN Provincial Manifesto Pledge event.


The moment we have been waiting for has arrived.

Ixesha lifikile.

Lemini kudala kuthethwa ngayo, ilapha.

We are now officially 75 days away from the election of our lifetime.

I don’t have to impress upon you how important this election is.

Because daily you see this beautiful province going to ruin.

Every time people turn on their taps, switch on their lights, drive on the streets – they can see the decay.

They know the cause of this failure – the African National Congress.

This is a party that is at war with itself; whose broad church has turned into a refuge for thieves and the very worst among us.

So broad this church was, it has birthed the MK party.

While we must welcome the plurality of voices in our democracy; we cannot accept the threat of violence from parties when they do not get their way.

The MK youth leader said they would ensure that there will not be an election if they do not get their way in their battle with the ANC.

These are not just empty words from a wet-behind-the-ears young politician.

The threat of violence is very real to the people of this province.

Over 300 people died during the July riots alone.

Violence that could have been prevented;

Violence that could should have never happened;

The victims of this violence have never received justice for their loss.

And now we have political parties weaponizing that trauma.

We cannot stand for it.

If the security cluster is not paying attention once again; they will be complicit should these threats be acted on.

This is why we need to evict them from the seat of government on May 29th.

Mawaphume amasela eburhulumenteni!

It is possible!

Over 27 million South Africans are registered for this upcoming election.

If we get as many people as possible into voting stations on that day, we can change this government once and for all.

Abantu abatsha heeded the call to get registered.

Umsebenzi asikawugqibi ke. Masiyo vota on the 29th to finally usher in a government that will change the trajectory of this country.

Look around you.

Look at what we have accomplished in uMngeni.

They said it was impossible to unseat the ANC, but we proved them wrong.

Against all odds, against all scepticism, we achieved the impossible.

When everyone said it couldn’t be done, we stood tall and made it happen.

And now, we stand here today, living proof that change is not just a distant dream but a tangible reality.

But our journey does not end here. No, democrats, this is just the beginning.

The winds of change that swept through uMngeni in the 2021 Local government elections can and will sweep through the entire province of KwaZulu-Natal come the 29th of May this year.

But to make this a reality, we must do something different, something bold, something we have never done before.

We must engage with every single citizen of KZN.

We must not just tell them about how awful the ANC is in government.

We must tell them about our offer.

We must tell them about what we have managed to do in 3 three years in uMngeni apho sibolekwe khona ivoti.

We must tell them about our rescue mission.

To get people into jobs;

To get young people into meaningful work.

Akukhonto ibuhlungu ngathi ngungaphangeli komntu omtsha osesemandleni.

We must tell them about how we will lift the 30 million people abasendlaleni out of poverty.

Ukulamba kwabantu is crime.

South Africa is not a poor country. No one should be going without a meal a day.

No child should be dying of hunger; or suffering stunting.

We should tell them about how we will bring back the Scorpions kuzoboshwa abantshontsha imali yabantu.

Futhi asizobayeka. Sebengekho kurhulumente, mababanjwe!

This is the case and the offer we have to make to the people of this province.

But this is not just about KZN – this is about rescuing South Africa.

We know this province brings the ANC the majority of its votes which brings up their numbers nationally.

If we starve them of these numbers here; they will battle to put together 50% nationally.

Back where I come from – ezilalini zakwaMndingi eQonce, abafana belali bayayazi inkunzi yenkomo ibulawa njani.

Uhlaba umkhonto ngamandla, inkomo enkulu iwe.

That is what the people of KZN can be in this election.

You can be the spear that takes down the big buffalo once and for all.

Not just for yourselves but for the future of generations to come.

The choice is simple, but it is yours to make.

Choose hope over despair,

Progress over stagnation,

Choose more of the same or a new government that will put your needs first;

Lend us your vote, and together, let us make history – and finally rescue South Africa.