DA condemns MK breach of IEC centres

Issued by Chris Pappas – DA KZN Premier Candidate
27 May 2024 in News

The Democratic Alliance in KwaZulu-Natal condemns the actions by MK members in viral videos at IEC storage sites in Chesterville and Hammersdale where they are seen wondering around in what is supposed to be secure warehouses where ballots are stored ahead of them being distributed to voting stations.

It is disturbing that both the private security contracted by the IEC and the South African Police Service allowed this breach to take place, seemly without any response from them.

There must be urgent and immediate concequences for MK for this breach, and there must be consequent management for the security company and SAPS.

It is vitally important that voters have trust in both the IEC and SAPS to guarantee the safety of all voters against threats of violence by parties like MK.

The DA is also currently consulting our legal team on what possible legal steps may need to be taken to ensure the IEC and SAPS uphold their constitutional duty to hold free and fair elections.

The DA will not allow or tolerate any political party that seeks to disrupt the elections on the 29th of May and calls on all voters to exercise their right to vote for the political party of their choice.