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Title deed handed over to 600 beneficiaries in Overstrand Municipality

13 May 2024 in Where We Govern

Minister Simmers hands over 600 title deeds to beneficiaries in Overstrand Municipality

On Monday, 6 May 2024, the Western Cape Minister of Infrastructure Tertuis Simmers, handed over 600 title deeds to beneficiaries in the Overstrand Municipality. The Minister was joined by the Executive Mayor Annelie Rabie at the four ceremonies.

The recipients of the title deeds were from various areas in Overstrand Municipality, with most being elderly people in the community. The ceremony formed part of the Department of Infrastructure’s title deed restoration project, which has brought positive change over the years. The impact and growth of this project were evident as some of the beneficiaries included First Home Finance (FHF) (better known as FLISP) homeowners, which provides support to first-time home buyers. Through the transfer of title deeds, the department is providing beneficiaries with the peace of mind of knowing that they own their houses as fixed assets.

Mr. William Erasmus (84) from Hawston, was excited to receive his title deed and praised the provincial government, saying, “After 40 years of being a resident of Hawston, I am truly grateful to the government officials who have made it possible for me to receive this document.  Next month I will celebrate my birthday, and this is certainly a worthy gift, which contributes to a secured future for my grandchildren.”

Mayor Rabie encouraged the beneficiaries to take pride in their homes. “Now that you have received the document that confirms that you are the rightful owner of the property, I urge you to take good care of it. You mustn’t fall prey to selling your homes to unscrupulous individuals and end up losing your assets.”

“I would like to commend the provincial government’s dedication. Two years ago, Minister Simmers committed to empowering the municipality to accelerate this project. Today is proof of that with the transfer of 600 title deeds” added the Mayor.

In reflecting on the day’s proceedings, Minister Simmers said: “This transfer is a testament to the dedication of our provincial government to securing the futures of our communities. We are not just handing over pieces of paper, we are handing over keys to stability, safety, and prosperity. In doing so we aim to bring renewed hope and dignity to the people of our province.”