Cape Winelands District

Cape Winelands District Municipality envisions a unified Cape Winelands of excellence.

The Municipality is making great progress: it achieves better and better audit results and it has successfully rehabilitated most of the District’s De Novo Road.

Cape Winelands District Success Stories

The Cape Winelands Sports Award recognises athletes in the area.

A clean audit

DA-led Cape Winelands helped rehabilitate about 70% of the internal main route of de novo.

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Commitee

Helena von Schlicht Phd

Executive Mayor

Cape Winelands District Executive Mayor Helena von Schlicht started her career as a social worker, having obtained a BA Degree in Social Work in 1976. She moved on to lecture at, and ultimately head, the Social Work Department at the Huguenot College, Wellington – a satellite campus for UNISA.

Deon Carinus

Roads and Infrastructure

Donovan Joubert


Clara Meyer

Disaster Management

Andre Pedro