Bergrivier Youth Jet Off to Belgium for Youth Development Programme

08 Oct 2019 in Where We Govern
Bergrivier students jet off to Belgium

In March 2019, a group of ten learners from the four high schools in Bergrivier travelled to Belgium as part of an international agreement between Heist-op-den Berg municipality and the DA-led Bergrivier municipality.

The agreement between the two municipalities was established in 2014 and is based on three pillars, namely; waste management, youth development and public participation. The municipality opened this opportunity to all grade 11 & 12 learners from high schools in the municipal area and then chose ten learners from those who expressed interest.

Certain themes were identified for the participants to discuss and engage on, such as their living experiences in their home countries, youth development, as well as their understanding of the Sustainable Development Goals as outlined by the United Nations.

The youth development programme that these learners participated in is a platform where ideas are discussed, experiences are shared, and challenges are addressed. The youth engage to try and navigate their way through these challenges and experiences and try to find solutions for a better future.