134 New homeowners in the Swartland

10 Aug 2022 in Where We Govern

Swartland Wednesday the Executive Mayor of the Swartland Municipality, Harold Cleophas, was joined by Provincial Government Minister, Tertius Simmers, to hand over 10 more houses in the De Hoop housing project in Malmesbury.

This brings the total number of houses handed over to beneficiaries since April 2022, to 134. The Municipality is currently building the first phase of the De Hoop housing project. The construction of the first 200 houses started in October 2021. During the first phase a total 395 houses will be built. Construction on the first phase is expected to conclude in January 2023. It is a priority for the Municipality to move beneficiaries in as soon as the houses are complete, to avoid illegal occupation and vandalism.

Housing remains a challenge for municipalities as we are only the implementing agents. It is not a municipal competency, and all projects are dependent on the approval and funding from national and provincial government. The interests of our residents are a priority and that is why we work hard to successfully implement the decisions taken by government departments to create as many housing opportunities as possible.

Swartland is challenged by an evergrowing housing list and limited suitable sites for housing projects. Our commitment, however, is to continue to work with all stakeholders to create as many sustainable opportunities as possible. Minister Simmers addressed the beneficiaries and thanked them for their patience and positive attitude while waiting for their dreams of ownership to realise.

Mayor Cleophas also urged the beneficiaries to look after their homes and to help the Municipality care for their new neighbourhood. Mayor Cleophas said: “Home ownership is not passive, its active. It includes caring for your house, your property, your street, and your neighbourhood. Being an active homeowner, creates strong caring communities.”