#SpringCleanCT campaign sees 179 000 bags of litter removed to date

15 Nov 2022 in Where We Govern

The #SpringCleanCT campaign continues to make a positive difference in our communities.

Efforts linked to the #SpringCleanCT campaign have resulted in 178 987 bags of general litter and 1755 bags of recycling being removed to date.

As part of the campaign, the City has launched a 24-hour toll-free number to report tip-offs about illegal dumping activity. Those convicted of illegal dumping could be fined up to R5 000, have their vehicle impounded, or face a two-year prison sentence. In addition, for every report that leads to a fine and conviction, the City is offering a reward from R1000 up to R5000, depending on the offence.

To date, 2 049 by-law contravention notices have also been issued as part of campaign efforts.

If residents would like to get involved, they are encouraged to arrange a clean-up or sponsor a community clean-up. Be sure to share your efforts on social media with the hashtag #SpringCleanCT so more people are hopefully inspired to take action.

Feel free to include us on:

Twitter: @CityofCT, @Geordinhl, and @GrantTwigg

Facebook: City of Cape Town, Mayor Geordin Hill-Lewis, and Alderman Grant Twigg

Furthermore, residents are encouraged to report illegal dumping tip-offs to our 24-hour toll-free number on 0800 110077

‘Efforts linked to this campaign are making a significant difference but the dumping problem in our City needs ongoing efforts to address effectively. Hopefully, many more communities will come together to participate before or during the holiday period,’ said Alderman Grant Twigg, Mayoral Committee Member for Urban Waste Management.