Fair Access to Jobs

A DA national government will create fair access to real and long-term jobs to ensure that there’s A Job in Every Home!

South Africa is a great country with people that are willing to work hard to realise their potential, and our nation’s potential.

But the country has taken a wrong turn from the path set by Madiba. Unemployment is oppressing us and there is no fair access to jobs, in fact it is among the worst in the world.

The ANC government only cares about enriching themselves and rewarding those close to them with employment.

This is not what we were promised. Not only have they failed to create jobs for South Africans, they don’t even know how to.

Our focus

One year’s paid work experience for matriculants

Job centres with info, advice and free Internet

Funding assistance and less red-tape to help small businesses grow

Prosecution and elimination of ‘sex for jobs’ and ‘carpet interviews’

Prosecution and elimination of ‘cash for jobs’ and employment corruption

A Jobs Act to encourage businesses and individuals to invest


The DA-run Western Cape has SA's lowest unemployment rate, 14% lower than the national average.
508 000 new jobs have been created in the Western Cape since 2009.
In the DA-run City of Cape Town, we will provide business support to 500 small businesses per year until 2022.

Our Agenda for Change