Speed Up Basic Service Delivery

A DA national government will manage the honest and efficient delivery of adequate housing, water, electricity and sanitation.

South Africans are frustrated by the slow and inefficient delivery of basic services. The corruption and mismanagement of the ANC government is causing people to be without access to adequate housing, water, electricity and sanitation. The ANC government is robbing people of their dignity.

This is not what we were promised.

The dominance of the ANC means they have become complacent and focused on enriching only themselves. Not only have they not delivered the services they have promised, they don’t know how to.

They are no longer capable of managing the real problems South Africans face each day.

Our focus

Fight corruption at all levels of provincial and local government

Upgrade informal settlements and speed up service delivery

Speed up the delivery of government housing


82% of the 2018 Western Cape Budget was spent on the delivery of services to the poor
In the DA-run City of Cape Town, almost 100% of existing informal settlements have access to sanitation
Cape Town provides the highest percentage of full-flush toilets in the country, at 93.8%

Our Agenda for Change