Fight Corruption

The DA will fight corruption to ensure that all public money is spent on the people. Under a DA-government, anyone found guilty of corruption will be sentenced to 15 years in jail.


The corruption of the ANC government is oppressing South Africans. And it is one of the main reasons the country has taken a wrong turn from the path set by Madiba.

After Madiba left, the ANC decided it was their time to eat and they focused on enriching only themselves. No matter who leads them, they are the same old party full of empty promises. They are not capable of fighting corruption. And they have no genuine intention of fighting corruption.

This election is your chance to get South Africa back on track. You can choose between even more corruption, or a party that has a solid record of fighting corruption and of being accountable, transparent and clean where it governs.


Our focus

New anti-corruption unit

15 years jail for corruption

Transparent spending of all public money

Lifestyle audits for all politicians and officials

Protection of ‘whistle blowers’

Eradication of ‘sex for jobs’ and ‘cash for jobs’

Where we govern

In the City of Johannesburg, we have uncovered corruption totalling R23.6 billion!
92 criminal cases have been registered, 362 arrests, 15 suspensions and 27 dismissals in Johannesurg since we took over
In 2018, the DA-run Western Cape achieved 83% clean audits. The next best performing province was Gauteng which achieved only 52%!

Our Agenda for Change