Secure Our borders

A DA national government will secure our borders and stop illegal immigration by ensuring that all immigrants are registered at Home Affairs and restoring order and control at our borders.

Illegal immigration has brought chaos and disorder to South Africa. And the government has done nothing. They have allowed their corruption to spread to our Home Affairs and our border control.

The government is incapable of ensuring law and order in the country. They only care about enriching themselves and are incapable of managing the real problems South Africans face.

This problem can no longer be ignored, but we cannot take the law into our own hands. We urgently need leadership that deals with illegal immigration.

Our focus

Assist, support and care for legitimate refugees and asylum seekers

Attract foreign nationals with scarce skills

Arrest, detain and deport those who repeatedly enter illegally

Ensure undocumented immigrants are regularised or assisted in leaving

Strengthen our border posts

Eradicate Home Affairs corruption and inefficiency

Increase the number of army patrols on the border

Our Agenda for Change