Track the consequences of Zondo’s State Capture reports

South Africans deserve to see what consequences and actions will take place now that close to 1 500 people have been implicated in the rampant looting and capture of South Africa’s state-owned enterprises, termed “State Capture”.

Action taken against implicated persons and organisations to date:

The aim of this "Zondo dashboard":

It took over four years, 300 witnesses, 3 171 summonses, 8 655 530 pages of documents and approximately R1 billion worth of taxpayer’s money to implicate over 1 438 people by evidence in the “State Capture Commission” reports by Chief Justice Raymond Zondo.

Zondo has released the entire six-part State Capture Commission Report.

South Africans deserve to see what consequences and actions will take place now that 1 438 people have been specifically implicated by evidence.

When Cyril Ramaphosa was elected as ANC leader in 2017, he stated that “corruption must be fought with the same intensity and purpose that we fight poverty, unemployment and inequality” and that “we must also act fearlessly against alleged corruption and abuse of office within our ranks”.

In the almost five years since his first speech as ANC leader, we have failed to see any material action being taken against those within the ANC who were involved in corruption.

Too many times we have seen reports and recommendations fall by the wayside due to these leaders in the ANC lacking the moral compass or backbone to act and take a stand against their own organization…


It is the very least that all the honest and hardworking citizens of South Africa deserve.

Today is the time for action.

The State Capture reports name and shame every single person who took part in the rampant looting and capture of the various state-owned enterprises. SARS, Denel, SAPO and SAA… these were once the shining beacons of state-owned enterprises in the world. Today, they are a broken beyond repair and on their knees, all because of the high-level ANC members and their close friends who sought to financially benefit from their demise.

Allegations of those who aided and benefitted in the State Capture include, but are certainly not limited to:

  • Jacob Zuma;
  • Gwede Mantashe;
  • The Gupta brothers;
  • Dudu Myeni;
  • Brian Molefe;
  • Cedrick Frolick;
  • Thabang Makwetla;
  • Malusi Gigaba;
  • Mbulelo Gingcana;
  • Nomvula Mokonyane;
  • Vincent Smith;
  • Tom Moyane; and last, but not least;
  • the African National Congress itself.

The above list of names is just a fraction of those implicated, but it shows just the full extent of the rot that has occurred. A president; ministers; deputy ministers; MPs; national chairpersons; advocates and chartered accountants, all implicated in some form or another.

This “Zondo Dashboard” aims to ensure that those who have been implicated in their roles of State Capture and corruption are taken to task. We have provided a detailed list of all the high-profile individuals and entities that have been implicated as well as what Zondo has recommended be done about it.

We aim to provide continuous updates on each of these individuals and entities to ensure that each of them is properly investigated, and if found to have been involved in corrupt and/or fraudulent activities, have their day in court.

With this extensive project we will be keeping a careful watch on any actions, and inactions, of the law enforcement authorities. The Zondo Dashboard will monitor just how many days have lapsed, without any action being taken against a particular person or entity, since the State Capture Report was released.

If no one is willing to continue the fight, the DA will!

The DA will continuously keep pressure on President Ramaphosa as well as the National Prosecuting Authority to ensure that no one slips through the fingers of the law and that the travesties of justice which has occurred over the last two decades never happens again. We will be following up continuously with the NPA on Zondo’s recommendations and continue to place pressure on them to investigate and prosecute.

If the ANC isn’t willing to do the right thing, the DA will!

State Capture Report Newsroom

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