Witzenberg Local Municipality is one of the top ten best-run municipalities in SA according to the Government Performance Index.

This DA-led municipality cares for its community – 60% of the budget will go towards bringing better services to poor communities. DA-led Witzenberg is working to successfully carry out land reform projects/policies – a new Agri-park will bring many more work opportunities and there is the potential for many more emerging farmers. Building quality homes and developing Witzenberg’s infrastructure is a high priority

Witzenberg Success Stories

60% of the budget will go towards bringing better services to poor communities.

The Municipality is working to get all qualifying indigent residents registered and receiving basic water, electricity and sanitation.

Land reform projects

and policies are a priority. DA-led Witzenberg is working with a new agri-park and emerging farmers to successfully carry out these projects and create job opportunities.

Over 200 houses

are being handed over to new owners.

The DA-led Municipality is building a school; recreational facilities; hall and library facilities; sports facilities; computer training centres and clinics.

By building two reservoirs, the Municipality will create 700 more housing opportunities.

Special hubs are being brought to every town to grow the tourism industry and create job-creating small businesses. 

“The Municipality is always available when we need them. Clean streets. Better service delivery. Job creation.” – Elmare Simpson, Wolseley

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Committee

Hennie Smit

Executive Mayor

Hennie Smit was born and raised in Alberton and is married to Elmarie, two lovely children were born from their marriage. Hennie showed interest in local government politics at an early age, no doubt his older brother, the former speaker of the City of Cape Town, Dirk Smit, had an influence on him. At a

Trevor Etienne Abrahams

Executive Mayor

Karriem Adams

Human Settlements and Infrastructure

Pat Daniels

LED and Tourism and Safety

Elizabeth Mary Sidego