Swartland Local Municipality has been under DA governance for the last 16 years. It is one of the top five best-run municipalities in the country, according to the Government Performance Index.

DA-led Swartland cares about the environment, with many awards for prizing water quality and being eco-conscious. It partners with the community to ensure sustainable development and good service delivery. Almost 70% of the new budget will be spent on improving the lives of residents in poor communities.

Swartland Success Stories

Over 6 000 new houses,

new sewerage works, reservoirs, tarred roads, stormwater drains, street lights, and two libraries have been built over the last 16 years.

DA-led Swartland has received many environmental many awards for protecting its water quality and being eco-conscious.

One of the top five best municipalities in SA according to the 2016 Government Performance Index.

“I feel very proud when I call my DA councillor. They immediately pay attention to the problem, no matter how small or how big the problem is. The councillor is very humble. ” – Joann Meyer, Wesbank

Almost 70% of the new budget will be spent on improving the lives of residents in poor communities.

2018 National Greenest Municipality

Meet the Mayor & Mayoral Commitee

Harold Cleophas

Executive Mayor

“Genuine concern for others is a lifestyle more than a technique” John Maxwell. This underpin the life of the Executive Mayor, Alderman Harold Cleophas, not only as a citizen from Darling, where he was born and bred, but also as part of the Servant Leadership in Swartland, West Coast, Western Cape and South Africa. Good

Desiree Geraldine Bess

Community Development Services

Harold Cleophas

Executive Mayor

Anet De Beer

Deputy Mayor

Richard John Jooste

Ilza Semorne Le Minnie

Engela Cornelia O'Kennedy