Where We Govern

The DA has the best track record of delivery where we govern.

In order to stop corruption, create jobs, and deliver better services our governments focus on six key areas: opportunity, responsive government, service delivery, honest government, redress and safety.

Watch stories, below, to learn more about how we deliver for all communities where we govern.

DA-led Governments

Since the 2016 Local Government Elections, around 16 million South Africans experience some form of DA governance. In addition to the Western Cape province, the DA currently governs in 38 municipalities. These include South Africa’s legislative capital, Cape Town; the administrative capital, Tshwane; our economic centre, Johannesburg; and the city named after our democracy’s founding father, Nelson Mandela Bay.

Where We Govern - Democratic Alliance


DA-run governments are recognised as among the best in South Africa by national government and a variety of other agencies. While we recognise that where we govern there is still much to be done to redress past imbalances, we are working every day to ensure further progress is being made that improves the lives of all residents where we govern.

These are some of our success stories

The Western Cape Story

The Western Cape is the only DA-run province in South Africa. Find out more about how our clean governance in the province translates into pro-poor focused budget spending, increased job creation and more effective service delivery in The Western Cape Story: